Bat Repair Services

Bat Repair Services 

Handle Replacement / Blade Repair / Refurbishment 
All handle and blade repair plus blade refurbishment & fittings applied. 

Re-handle including new grip. 

Weight Re-balance 
The desired weight is removed from the bat.
Blade Repair and Refurbishment  
Full Blade repair - cracks sealed / Glued & refurbishment & fittings applied. 

Bat Refurbishment 
Basic service on the blade, strip / sand / clean & fittings applied. 

Pricing starts from £35

Knocking in service £25 / £35
£25 (bought from CCCo) £35 (bought else where.) 
We will knock your bat in so its ready to play & protective face. 

Toe Guard Fitted £15 

Protective face fitted on a new bat £5 

​​​​​​​*Fittings Cornish Cricket Company stickers, face-guard, fibre tape, toe-guard and grip applied. 

*Pricing is time dependent. 

*Bat can be left plain with no Cornish Cricket Company Stickers