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The Cornish Cricket Company is fundamentally a coaching company.
We pride ourselves on the delivery of high quality personalised sessions which meet the needs of individuals and groups we work with.

Cornwall's only Level 4 coach Sean Hooper (Head Coach) has many years experience of coaching at a variety of levels from playground to first class cricket. He ensures that we keep up to date with the very latest methods of cricket coaching and development at all levels and understand what players need to succeed at every level. 

Coaching is about unlocking peoples potential to maximise their own performance. We believe in creating an environment to stimulate learning, growing and improving and the environment needs to be engaging and challenging for players and coaches alike.

Communication is central to our coaching process and we encourage a 2 way exchange with players expressing their thoughts and feelings rather than just being told what to do. Our coaches use a variety of communication and questioning methods to bring the best out of the players and will always look to develop the long term needs of the player rather than provide a quick fix.

We offer a range of coaching services most of which are mentioned in the drop down list below. We aim to help our customers in any way we can so if there is a service you require that isn't listed then please contact us with what you require.