​​​​​​​The Cornish Cricket Company Covid 19 - Guidance for parents and carers

Please do not send your child into the setting if they are displaying any symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) including new, continuous cough or a high temperature, or has a loss of, or change in, their normal sense of taste or smell (anosmia). Please contact a member of the Cornish Cricket Company team if your child is unable to attend.

To reduce the risk of transmission, The Cornish Cricket Company will minimise the number of different people each child comes into contact with. We will do this by:

• Multiple groups of 15 plus staff can use the same shared space, if that is necessary, with distancing between the groups.

Drop off and collection

• Children will be asked to use anti bacterial gel on their hands on entry to the setting

(provided by The Cornish Cricket Company)


PPE and face coverings

Public Health England does not (based on current evidence) recommend the use of face coverings when children are participating in out-of-school settings activities. They are not required during out-of-school provision as children and staff are mixing in consistent groups, and because misuse may inadvertently increase the risk of transmission.

PPE will be worn by The Cornish Cricket Company staff if a distance of 2 metres cannot be maintained from any child displaying coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms


Equipment that is shared between groups or bubbles, will be cleaned frequently and meticulously and always between groups, or rotated to allow them to be left unused and out of reach for a period of 48 hours (72 hours for plastics) between use by different groups.

The Cornish Cricket Company ask that the children limit the amount of equipment that they bring into the setting to essentials. Bags are allowed.


The Cornish Cricket Company will limit the number of children using the toilet at any one time. Importantly, The Cornish Cricket Company will promote good hand hygiene and encourage all children to wash their hands thoroughly, with soap and running water for 20 seconds, after using toilet facilities.

Effective infection protection and control

The Cornish Cricket Company will ensure that effective infection protection and control measures are in place to reduce the risk of transmission, these are split into prevention and response and are outlined below:


• The Cornish Cricket Company staff to clean frequently touched surfaces more often than usual



• Contain any outbreak by following local health protection team advice Test and Trace

It is vital that The Cornish Cricket Company play their part in managing the risk of the virus by:

• Keeping records of which children and staff are in which groups and saving this information securely for at least 21 days (for Test and Trace purposes)

More information on Test and Trace can be found at www.gov.uk/guidance/nhs-test-and-trace- how-it-works

Suspected cases

If anyone in a Cornish Cricket Company setting becomes unwell with a new, continuous cough or a high temperature, or has a loss of, or change in, their normal sense of taste or smell (anosmia), they will be sent home and advised to follow the COVID-19: guidance for households with possible coronavirus (COVID-19) infection guidance.

The child or staff member with symptoms should arrange to have a test to see if they have coronavirus (COVID-19).

Where the child or staff member tests negative, they can return to the setting. If they remain unwell, they should not return to that setting until they are recovered.

Where a child or staff member tests positive, NHS Test and Trace will speak directly to those they have been in contact with to offer advice. This advice may be that the rest of their class or group within the setting should be advised to self-isolate.