One to One

Developing independent thinking cricketers that can solve their own problems during matches
We are awaiting ECB guidance on the use of Indoor cricket facilities before being able to finalise details and  dates for Winter 2020/21 - please bear with us at these difficult times and feel free to email us if you are interested in taking part in our programmes this winter to

One to one coaching is the most individualised session you can can have. These learning  sessions are intense and we ensure that the individuals' needs are catered for

This busy and intense environment ensures a player will receive much more opportunity to develop their individual game than they might in a group environment. Sessions are usually 45 or 60 minutes long and within either of these options the player will receive a large number of opportunities to repeat and continually challenge a skill.

Our coaches will look at many aspects of the players development including technical, tactical, mental, physical and lifestyle and we will always prioritise the long term development of every player that we work with.

We use a range of methods during our sessions seeking to find the best method for that players personality and by communicating effectively with a player we look to open up new levels of understanding and potential learning.

We put an emphasis on the player taking responsibility for their own learning, improvements and general game as we need to develop independent thinking cricketers who can solve their own problems during matches!