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Phantom Cricket bats are hand-crafted in Sussex from cleft to finish using the finest English Willow. Our specialist Master Podshaver uses traditional techniques to achieve a unique balance between power and precision. The result; a beautifully finished product that not only looks the part but performs to the highest standard.

Fuelled by our love for the beautiful game and the desire to create a brand that is the epitome of Quality and Class, Phantom of Sussex bring cricket lovers the best cricket bats available on the market today. We don’t believe in compromises and for this reason our bats are chosen by club cricketers and professionals alike the world over.
​​​​​​​No two pieces of willow are the same and whilst all of our bats are hand-crafted in England from pre-graded English willow, the final grade of each bat is based not only on the aesthetics, but the response, pick-up and balance of the finished blade. This means that irrespective of the final grade, all of our bats are finished to the same high standard.